Participation Type

To participate in this operation, member have 2 options:




Each type of participation, will have each registration & reporting process, as well the passenger calculation. Member will only be allowed to participate on 1 type of participation.

Participation can not be altered to another type until the contract is fulfilled, or canceled. Should any participants registered to more than one participation type, staff will cancel all of the member’s participation. Team and VA will be notified about the cancelation, but not allowed to make replacement of the canceled member, until the contract is completely done


  • Only individual Leader is allowed to register
  • All the record will be credited to individual achievement
  • Team/Group of friends:
  • Only Team/Group Leader is allowed to register
  • Team/Group Leader must invite their member to join. Then, the leader should accept their registration at the dashboard.
  • The record will be credited to group achievement
  • Scoring/Awarding

    • Participant have to report their own flight at Dashboard by click login above
    • These flight must be valid in terms of departure/destination pairs, and schedule time frame
    • Passengers per flight will be calculated based on the aircraft type used in the flight listed on the Aircraft Capacity List
    • Participants will not be limited to fly with 1 type of aircraft during the operation.
    • These flights will be calculated towards the total passengers on his bid
    • Scoring scheme :
      • +5 points for each passenger completely flown to Denpasar, and brought back to departure airport (WIII,WIHH,WICA)
      • -5 point for each passenger left behind in departing airport
      • -25 points for each passenger left behind in Denpasar
      • -500 penalty points for not completing the contract
    • Scoring Example :
      • BID : 3000 pax from CGK
      • 1st Stage :
        • Flight CGK-DPS
        • Total passenger flown : 2500
        • Score from flown passenger : 2500 x 5 = 10.000
        • Score from passenger left behind at CGK : (3000-2500) x -5 = -2500
      • 2nd Stage
        • Flight DPS-CGK
        • Total passenger flown : 1500
        • Score from flown passenger : 1500 x 5 = 7.500
        • Score from pax left behind at MED : (2000-1500) x -25 = 500 x -25 = -25000
        • Thus, contract is not completed : -500
      • Total score : 12500 + (-2500) + 7.500 + (-25000) + (-500) = -8000 points


    • Flight Pairing (drop-off & pick-up)
    • Drop-Off flight to WADD/DPS then back to Embarkation in departing airport
    • Bid a passengers from One Embarkation with minimum quota (1000 Pax per embarkation)
    • During the operation in progress, you are allowed to move from your first embarkation to another embarkation.
    • You must pick-up passengers from DPS as your Bid. Example: You bid 5000 pax in CGK and 3000 pax in KJT, you should back them from DPS same with your bid in KJT & CGK.
    • Allowed Aircraft listed below
    • To take a Bid, Check below
    • Dont forget, in each flight you must put "RMK/BALI RUN" in item 18 Other Information of your IVAO flight plan
    • After complete your flight, report your flight by click login above
    • Especially for those who fly on the global online day (Saturday, 28th of March 2020, from 18.00z to 21.00z) they will get a special badge that is the badge "Global Day" more info :


    Bring the passengers and get the award!